IE users: Firefox 0.9 released, please upgrade! Firefox - The Browser, Reloaded

Version 0.9 has been released. If you still use IE on Windows, please upgrade to Firefox... it's a better browser, it's free, and you'll be doing me a big favour! IE makes my life as a web developer very unpleasant. I can make nice clean HTML/CSS designs that work the first time in every browser except in IE5/Mac or IE/Win. Those browsers are so horribly broken, they require hours and hours of painful tweaking to try to get things working properly.

IE users are using an inferior browser which hasn't seen improvements in years, and causing people and businesses all over the world to waste huge amounts of time and money to support a broken browser. I'm totally sick of fixing IE bugs, and it's a drag on IT projects that I would love to see disappear.

Thank you to the Firefox team for such a wonderful product!

Written on June 16, 2004