TB Tribute editorial said Lightning lost Game 7

Tampa Bay Tribune: Wrong Editorial Puzzles, Angers Lightning Fans, Readers

"The fair question for Tampa Bay Lightning fans on Tuesday was why The Tampa Tribune editorialized about the team's heartbreaking loss, even though it had won the coveted Stanley Cup."

I didn't say anything about the entire playoffs, but this I couldn't pass up.

Oh, and by the way, Calgary probably rightly won game 6 but the entire league screwed up, yet again. This is like the Brett Hull non-goal of '99 but worse. The Flames ran out of gas in Game 7 but they shouldn't have even played it. Martin Gelinas would have had the series winning goal in all 4 series had the goal counted and stood up for the victory in game 6.

That said, Tampa Bay was the better team in Game 7 and deserved to win that game, and I think they earned the cup as much as Calgary, and I'm happy they won. It would have been great for a Canadian team to win it, but there are 19 Canadians on the Lightning, so it's not all bad.

Speaking of Gelinas (a former Edmonton Oiler Stanley Cup champion), before the puck dropped for Game 7 of the opening series of the playoffs between Calgary and Vancouver, I asked my dad and neighbour (who were watching the game at my place) who they thought would score the game winning goal. I picked Gelinas... he scored the game (and series) winning goal in that series and the next two. Not a bad pick huh? ;-)

Written on June 9, 2004