Renovation journal days 10 and 11 posted

Two more days appended to the Renovations .Mac photo-journal.

We finally have the kitchen/dining room subfloor installed. We'll be putting in ceramic tile once the cabinets are installed. We had to pick out new tile and carpet yesterday because the stuff we ordered was back-ordered. Apparently the tile is made in a place in Italy affected by a strike. A major bummer since our wall colours were coordinated with that floor.

Our new tile is nearly white, whereas we had a brown tile before. The carpet is pretty close to the stuff we had before, but creamier and a little brighter. Frankly, I think I like it better, but I would have preferred the old stuff if we could have gotten it in in time.

We bought baseboards, another 1500 floor screws, and the 3rd 5-gallon pail of white paint. I don't now how they figured one would be enough. I think we only needed 2 gallons, but hopefully we'll have enough now to do the basement.

There's so much painting left to do. I don't know how they do it so fast on those renovation shows on TLC. :-)

Dad has been kicking so much ass. I feel bad not being able to help much during the week, but there's nothing I can do about it. We'd be up the creek without a paddle without his help, and that's such an understatement it's funny. Thanks Dad!

And thanks to Moms, Dads and Uncles for watching the kids so Cheryl can help during the days and weekends!

Oh, tomorrow morning at 8am our kitchen cabinets are due to arrive (confirmed this afternoon) and be installed. I am so excited! Appliances start arriving on Thursday, the rest on Tuesday. I just hope we can get the painting done quickly and the carpet can be installed soon so that we can move upstairs as quickly as possible.

Written on June 9, 2004