Cringely connects the dots between iPod and iMac

I, Cringely: Divide and Conquer - Why Apple Has an iPod Division

"I think iPod really means "not Macintosh." It wouldn't surprise me if the company did more types of consumer devices, but the point is not to sell a workstation you get paid for once, but to create a revenue stream that pays you every week. That's what Steve is groping for, I'm sure of it.

... I'm not saying this is going to happen, but I think it will happen if Apple has any trouble at all maintaining its margins under the current strategy. Absolutely look for the rape of the resellers, and then MAYBE look for the end of Macintosh hardware."

Connect the dots, la la la-la! Perhaps the Mac OS X for Intel exit strategy is getting closer?

Written on May 21, 2004