N.S. may get gas-increase warnings

CP: N.S. may get gas-increase warnings

'The Petroleum Products Pricing Act would force oil companies to alert customers two full business days before increasing prices for gasoline, diesel and home heating fuel.

"The first thing this law will do is stop the surprises," Barry Barnet, the minister responsible for Service Nova Scotia, said in a news release.

Barnet said the oil companies will also be required to say why the increase is necessary.'

I'm not surprised to see these kinds of reactions right now, the price of gas in Canada is creeping up to that magic number, $1.00 a litre, which works out to $2.71 USD a gallon in based on current exchange rates. The average price in the US as of a few days ago was $1.93, ranging from $1.75 in Norfolk to $2.25 in San Diego.

Written on May 13, 2004