KMremoteControl is absolutely wonderful

Thank you D'Arcy Norman! D'Arcy pointed me at a great software package, KMremoteControl, that implements a software KVM for Mac OS X and Windows machines.

I am typing this on the keyboard connected to my Mac OS X system, but I am typing this into Mozilla on Windows 2000 on the PC whose monitor is next to my Mac OS X system's display.

This is a huge improvement for me. I've needed to use Windows on and off recently to do some browser testing. I don't have nearly as much desk space as I used to. I used to have an L-shaped desk and another normal desk for my computers, now I just have this straight desk, 5" wide. I have a 17" studio display for my work G4, my 14" PowerBook G3 and this PC's 19" CRT monitor on the desk. Needless to say, it's cramped and all of the available space on the front of the desk was taken up by all the keyboards and mice. Now I can eliminate the PC keyboard and mouse, and switch between using my PC and Mac by hitting the Control-Escape key sequence. Very convenient.

So far it seems to work seamlessly. When I move the mouse or type there is NO delay whatsoever, it does not feel like using VNC, for example, it feels like the mouse and keyboard are truly connected to the machine.

And it's kind of fun to watch the little hub these computers are hooked up to go nuts when I shake the mouse or type. :-)

Written on May 10, 2004