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Critical period for next ORM Mac OS X conf

MacDevCenter.com: Next Two Weeks Critical for the Mac OS X Conference

Getting back to my previous post after some time to reflect... I really don't like the name O'Reilly Media. It doesn't flow like O'Reilly and Associates did, and it doesn't have the same inclusive connotation. Now it reminds me of News Corp, CNN or Time Warner, blah like PC World, not fresh like Wired. Way less cool. :-(


O’Reilly Media???

www.oreilly.com -- Welcome to O'Reilly Media -- computer books, software conferences, online publishing

When did O'Reilly and Associates become O'Reilly Media?


Virtual skin looking even better

BBC NEWS: Virtual skin looking even better

Yeah I know, I'm a little obsessed with this Math topic right now, but I've been seeing things in a new perspective lately. Rather than just thinking "hey, cool", I thought, "this is a perfect example of why Math is important in Computer Science".

Dr. Henrik Jensen made an astute observation (that some light was scattered inside marble rather than just reflecting directly off of it) while doing an unrelated project, and saw a way to apply his findings. As he said, "The development of the mathematical model was the most difficult aspect of the project", and "It required a number of new algorithms and techniques not previously seen in computer graphics."

Without the ability to create that mathematical model, his observation might not have had as much potential for innovation.

Anyway, not trying to be preachy, but I'm finally seeing the light. No pun intended.


Simon’s switch-a-like for Python

Simon Willison: Switch statements in Python

I remember doing something like this in another language that didn't have a switch/case statement... it might have been UserTalk (Frontier's native programming language) I don't know why I didn't think of this for Python. Nice one Simon!


Math And The Computer Science Major

/.: Math And The Computer Science Major links to...

Lineman.Net: Math and the Computer Science Major

I have to read this. From a skim it looks like the article is in defense of all the Math that's part of most CS degrees. At least I hope it does. I think Math is the difference between Programming and Computer Science. The /. comments basically say the same thing. You don't need Math to program, but you do need Math to do Computer Science.

There's lots of timely stuff being written about Math and CS right now that I'll be sure to link to going forward...


James Hague on contemporary optimization issues

James Hague: Programming as if Performance Mattered

This link on /. reminded me that I need to start reading Lambda the Ultimate again!