BC government in deep with HEU contract

canada.com: HEU vows to stay on 'protest line,' some Island schools go behind picket lines

School is cancelled tomorrow because the teachers will be respecting picketing by CUPE which is protesting the BC government's Back-to-work legislation that forces a 15% pay cut, longer hours and less job security for the HEU. This is something like the 7th union-busting, legislated labour agreement that this government has mandated.

I'm not a big fan of unions, but I think if we're going to have unions, then collective bargaining agreements should be made in good faith, otherwise, what is the point? Union dues are not cheap, so if it does no good it's a complete waste.

I honked in support of the HEU picketers as I drove past the Victoria General Hospital today on the way home from the bank.

Written on April 30, 2004