April is busy, May and June will be too

Geez, nearly two weeks have past since I posted here. I've tried to post a couple of times, but my site was down for backups.

It's been a really busy month so far, at work and at home, and as far as home stuff goes, it's only just begun.

I'm moving after next weekend! Yeah, we sold the house we built in 2002. Once we're in our new house I'll explain what motivated us to move, yet again.

One side-benefit of the move is we'll be living right next door to the elementary school Cyan is going to next year. I remember living right next door to school in grade 5 and 6, it was awesome being so close. Playground and fields so close, and I suppose I got to sleep an extra 5 or 10 minutes because of it too. :-)

The best thing was probably going home for lunch every day and watching the Flintstones with my Dad, who was at home for much of that period with a back injury. I got my first computer for Christmas in grade 6, so I probably spent my lunch hours playing video games or hacking after that. :-)

Written on April 18, 2004