A package of 50 straws

That's what I won last night for getting the worst score in the guess-who-wins-the-Oscars contest at our friends' place last night. I was 1 for 6. Obviously I picked LOTR:RotK for Best Picture.

Compared to the rest of the crowd there last night I knew few of the actors, and I'd only seen 3 of the movies nominated for awards: Finding Nemo (on DVD), The Last Samurai and LOTR:RotK.

I shamefully didn't pick Peter Jackson for Best Director, only because I figured they wouldn't respect a fantasy film THAT much. I'm glad to be wrong, because now I can prove how much I suck at guessing movie awards by showing people my package of 50 lime-green bendy-straws! :-)

I suck!

Written on March 1, 2004