Entrepreneurial spirit is rising

Eric Sink: Getting Started with Your Own Software Company (via Zope Dispatches)

The timing of this is interesting. Yesterday Brent Simmons started a mailing list for Mac Software businesses which is quite interesting to follow.

"This group is for small, independent Macintosh developers who want to talk with other developers about the business of Mac development. Questions on pricing, packaging, advertising, e-commerce providers, and so on are on-topic. Note that this list isn't a vehicle for promotion: announcements and press releases are off-topic."

Last night I chatted with someone who said all the programming jobs are going to India. We had a good discussion about this. In my opinion, North American programmers need to become more diversified in their skill set and more entrepreneurial to continue to thrive in this new high-tech economy.

I've been telling many of my friends that for years but they still think they're going to have jobs forever doing commodity platform programming work. Those are the people that will be hit the hardest by the growing trend to outsource programming overseas.

Written on January 30, 2004