Hunting my own dogs

Well that was fun! From my office window, which faces the street, I noticed a dog walking down the sidewalk. Wouldn't have given it another thought, except it was MY dog!

How can my dog get out of a fenced yard? Easy, contractors were at my house yesterday doing some warranty repairs and didn't fasten the gate latch properly, the wind must have finally pushed it open. My other dog was nowhere to be found. Looked all over the place... I had no idea how long they had been out of the yard.

Anyway, finally she came back while I was talking to a passerby describing what she looked like. They're in our back yard again, the gate properly secured, and my heart rate has almost dropped back to normal.

When Cinnamon, the older dog (by 4 months) was 6 months old, she was hit by a minivan after darting out of the back yard (different house) that faced a street when an electrician left the gate open after finishing work at our place. She was fine, but it happened on a Sunday and emergency vet bills on a Sunday are really expensive!

I really need to stop assuming these guys know how to close doors.

Written on January 15, 2004