Mad Cow not an act of terrorism

Yahoo(s)! First Suspect Case of Mad Cow in U.S.

"This incident is not terrorist-related," Veneman said Tuesday. "I cannot stress this point strongly enough."

Seeing as the US is in code orange, I strongly suspected terrorism was to blame for this Mad Cow, but thankfully they have done enough research to determine this is not the case.

Now... there was a "single, isolated" case of mad cow disease in Canada last May, and that led to beef bans from the US and Japan (and possibly others, I can't remember) that hugely damaged the cattle industry in Canada. Now there's a single, isolated case of mad cow disease in the U.S. Does anyone have the balls to ban U.S. beef? (yup, Japan does) I mean, they are saying U.S. beef remains "absolutely safe to eat" afterall, because this cow was sick or injured and therefore not destined for the food supply, unlike sick or injured cows in Canada who routinely end up on dinnerplates all over the world.

What I want to know is: do they test U.S. beef for THG, and if so, are they sharing the results with the WADA?

Update: the Canadian Press picks up the story, and has an entire section devoted to mad cow disease. Check out the reader comments on that Canadian Press story for a taste of the Canadian reaction. Yeah, we're cynical, but when you're used to being on the short end of a perpetual double-standard it's not hard to get that way.

Update 2: Japan blocks U.S. beef imports

Written on December 23, 2003