Watched Christmas in Kabul

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Rick Mercer's Christmas in Kabul only 10 minutes into the show. It was a great show, and an even better reminder of:

  1. How fortunate my family and I am
  2. How brave and honourable our peacekeepers are
  3. How seldom I think of them

It was heartwrenching to watch all the military families around the country sending their wishes to their loved ones in Afghanistan, especially when I saw the responses of the troops. They are giving, sacrificing a LOT, for us, for Afghanis, for peace around the world. They are heroes. They deserve our eternal gratitude and unwavering support, because without them we would have nothing and our lives would be far less beautiful.

I hope they all come home safe. Merry Christmas peacekeepers... everywhere!

Written on December 22, 2003