Frozen in our memories

Frozen in our memories

'But mostly, I'll remember how proud people were of being from Edmonton. The thing which makes this city special is a sense of community and the percentage of the population which are sports fans.

"There's no other place in the world you could do this," said Glen Sather.'

Victoria is my home, but Edmonton will always be my home town... and why not? It's a special place, populated by extra-special people who never give up, always think big, and love their city more than others can comprehend. I would have loved to have been a part of it, to share in the positive vibes and communal pride of pulling it off yet again, but I thoroughly enjoyed it sitting at home in Victoria.

Thank you Edmonton, for standing by your team, for doing what you do, no matter what.

November 22, 2003. A beautiful day.

Written on November 24, 2003