It was better than life

CP: Fans at outdoor game happy despite cold

Lots of sentiment that matches my own. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the games today, and it was clear that the people in attendance did too. What's done is done, I'm very happy I got to see it at all. Maybe Gretzky and friends will come back next year anyway... if that happens I will pull out all the stops to attend.

The Oilers won the game that really mattered last night... the alumni game. :-) Fuhr and Ranford (Oilers goalies) were sickeningly good, Ranford made at least half a dozen saves he shouldn't have given his time away from the game.

Montreal played well in the "real" game. I don't think Edmonton adapted to the outdoor ice very well. It was pretty clear that the Edmonton/Alberta-based players on the Oilers had a little something extra.

It would have been nice to have seen the game in HDTV (it was CBC's first HD broadcast) but an HD satellite receiver would have been around $800. For that price I might as well have gone to Edmonton and tried scalping a ticket!

Written on November 23, 2003