One chance to be a kid again

If you've been reading my weblog this year you know I HAD TO GO TO THIS GAME. I said it over and over again. And over and over. And about 5000 times more offline. I've talked people's ears off about it.

Well, it's the morning of, and I'm at home in Victoria. I couldn't get a ticket, and I couldn't afford the scalper's prices on eBay. Well, I could have, in the "I had enough credit to do it" sense, but then there's no presents under the Christmas tree, no going out for dinner for our impending anniversary, no responsibility. I wanted to do it with just about every fiber of my being. To hell with maturity, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

I had one chance to see Halley's Comet, and my parents wouldn't let me stay up late and go outside to see it. (Hopefully I'll live to be about 87 to see it the next time around)

I was the parent saying no this time... to myself.

I had one chance to see my childhood (and current) idols play together again in Oilers silks, and I couldn't afford to. I don't think this is something that's going to happen again. Not with these players, anyway.

Excuse me while I go feel sorry for myself.

Update: It only took nine minutes after posting this for Dad to call to ask me about the Halley's Comet situation mentioned above. They don't remember not letting me go out to see it.... I do!

Written on November 22, 2003