JavaScript Event Sheets, and sorttable

Simon Willison's Weblog: Javascript Mojo

"Stuart Langridge has released a couple of very neat new Javascript experiments. sorttable makes any data table on a page "sortable" by clicking the table headers. ... Stuart's second experiment, JavaScript Event Sheets, is even more interesting. It tackles the problem of attaching events to page elements. ... This uses CSS style syntax (partially handled by mygetElementsBySelector function) to specify how events attached to different elements should be handled."

From the sounds of it, two very interesting projects and concepts for you web UI folk to consider. I don't have time right now to personally look into it deeper, unfortunately.

I suppose I should have known this... Andy McKay just informed me that this is a standard feature of table listings in Plone, even in Plone 1. I tried it and it didn't work in Safari, but it did work in Mozilla. Very cool. I wish it worked in Safari, though.

Thanks for the info Andy!

Written on November 6, 2003