Canada's government is turning its back on its people

Ottawa Citizen: Now, let me tell you who I am: Arar's statement -- read this.

Ottawa Citizen: 'My life and my career have been destroyed'

Citizen Special: 375 days of uncertainty and torture 2002

Ottawa Citizen: Second Canadian held in Syria 'We didn't know whether he was dead or alive'

Ottawa Citizen: PM rules out public inquiry

Ottawa Citizen: Arar may never find the answers he's looking for, Graham admits Contact the government

If this is how our government supports its people, then it is not a government worth our support, our pride. It is shameful and pitiful to be led by these spineless cowards. I still believe Canadians are a strong, proud people. If this doesn't get us riled up, nothing will, and then we're all spineless.

If our government won't step up to protect Maher Arar, what do you think your chances are if some foreign government decides to deport you to a dangerous place? Not too good.

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Written on November 5, 2003