A bugger of a BugReporter

On Sunday, ADC's BugReporter app wouldn't let me log in, it said I didn't have access to it. Odd. Okay. On Monday the problem persisted, so I filled out the form they provide for people who are having problems connecting to the BugReporter.

Today I received an email from Apple telling me I now had access. Great! A minute ago I remembered that I had access and wanted to file a bug about CVS support in Xcode, when BugReporter tells me:

"The Apple Authentication Server is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

What. Do. I. Have. To. Do. To. File. A. .... BUG?!

PS: Of course it's only fitting that the first time I tried to post this weblog entry, the server my weblog is hosted by wasn't responding!

Written on November 5, 2003