Remembering the faces of ORA MacOSX 2003

For me, the best thing about the Mac OS X Conference was seeing people I haven't seen in ages, meeting people I've known online for even longer but never face-to-face, and meeting people I didn't know before. Yesterday morning I decided to write down the names of some of these people. I know I'm forgetting a few, unfortunately.

If we talked at the conference, but your name isn't below, please email me and let me know. This isn't about name-dropping, this is about my own personal archive, remembering the wonderful time I had at the conference, so please help me complete the picture!

Aaron Hillegas,
Aldo Bergamini,
Angela Muller,
Bill Bumgarner,
Brent Simmons,
Charles d'Harcourt,
Damien Barrett,
Don Briggs,
Dori Smith,
Fabien Roy,
Gus Mueller,
James Dempsey,
James Duncan Davidson,
Jim Correia,
Malcolm Crawford,
Matt Neuberg,
Max Muller,
Oliver Breidenbach,
Philippe Mougin,
Robb Beal,
Scott Anguish,
Steve Gehrman,
Wilfredo Sanchez.

Written on October 31, 2003