Wireless session. Literally.

I'm exhausted after 2 days of standing up at the Plone booth, so I've gone back to my hotel room a floor above the sessions.

There's a wireless tips and tricks session going on. So here's my tip. If you're tired, you don't need to sit in the room where the session is going on. You can go to your hotel room, open up your AirPort-powered PowerBook, start up SubEthaEdit, and let over 20 people fill you in on the details in a shared document being grown in real time. :-)

... The session just ended. The owner of the document unshared it, but I've still got the results. I keep hearing "whoosh", "whoosh" as people are obviously closing their PowerBooks, making them disappear from the Rendezvous iChat window!

Being at the Mac OS X Conference, seeing what's possible with this operating system, wireless, Rendezvous, and the amazing applications that are written for it, I really wonder what Windows geeks do for their jollies. Sigh. You guys are really missing out. Buy an XBox for your games, for crying out loud, get a Mac, and join the party!

Written on October 30, 2003