Pashua, build GUIs using scripting languages

via Duncan's Jotter... Carsten Blüm: Pashua

"Pashua ist a tool for creating simple, but native Aqua GUIs for Perl, PHP, Python, shell scripts and AppleScript."

About 5 years ago I tried something like this for Windows using VB6. I called it dynaForm. I maintained a Frontier suite called dynAuthor back then, I guess that was branding. :-) Unfortunately, VB is intentionally crippled to make it impossible to write something like that in VB. Certain properties of controls can only be set at design-time, not run-time, so it was not possible to give developers enough power to make it really useful. I wanted it to be a way to make GUIs for Frontier apps.. I even had a way to generate the VBScript code that made and control the dynaForm GUIs from a Frontier outline. :-)

I'm sure this will be a very useful tool for many people.

Written on October 24, 2003