Nothing is sacred anymore!

Calgary Herald: Frozen doughnuts frost founder

"Mr. Joyce, who sold most of the company to Wendy's in 1995 for $620 million, confirmed what consumers have been saying for months and officials at head office denied -- that the doughnuts are being fried in a factory in Brantford then frozen and shipped to warehouses. Once in store, the already "95-per-cent cooked" product is baked and served."

Well, that's what he gets for selling out to a greedy corporation. It's only a matter of time before executives try to cut corners. It's a bloody shame that Tim Horton's is the latest victim.

Krispy Kreme should take a cue and sweep into Canada. It's pretty clear their doughnuts are made fresh, you can watch them being cooked. If Tim Horton's isn't a Canadian company anymore anyway, we might as well have Krispy Kremes too.

Mmmm... Krispy Kremes... mmmm...

Written on October 23, 2003