I'm Fantabulously Boring

Laura Trippi: recursive tree

"Coming home from the fantabulous Plone conference was fantabulously boring."

Guess who sat next to Laura on her flights back to Vancouver? The Fantabulously Boring Jim. I chatted her ear off during the flight, it was quite boring. The fact we didn't sleep the night before didn't help much. :-)

Laura gave the most original presentation at the Conference. I was completely riveted throughout. All of us geeks needed a serious dose of art and alternative perspective and Laura gave it to us, right between the eyes.

I was pretty upset that I didn't know about her weblog, which is really, really good. I spent Saturday with Laura, David Sapiro from Pilot Systems and Aldo Bergamini of NB&A, running around the French Quarter and criss-crossing the city trying to find a good restaurant without a 2 hour lineup. We had lots of interesting discussions, it was a day I won't soon forget, hopefully never.

Written on October 22, 2003