iPod: Better luck this time!

HBWT, Oct 23, 2001: iPod: Better luck next time

"I bet it's the best MP3 player ever made. But, regardless of whether I like MP3 players, or this is a good one, I think the iPod sucks.

Why? It doesn't have a Mic."

Sprinkle some water, wait two years, less a week, and....

Apple Press Release: Apple Updates iPod:

"The iPod software update adds support for new Belkin voice recording and photo storage accessories for dockable iPods, allowing users to record hundreds of hours of audio and store thousands of digital photos on their iPod."

Exxxxcccellent. :-)

Unfortunately, I still don't have the money lying around to get an iPod, and unfortunately, it's the mic is not a built-in feature of the iPod, so it would cost me even more. :-( I'd be just as tempted to get the media reader for the iPod to get more storage capacity for my digital camera.

Written on October 16, 2003