Dan Snyder: 1978 - 2003

I've been following this situation since Monday when the news broke about the car crash involving 2003 NHL All-Star MVP Dany Heatley and fellow Atlanta Thrasher, 25 year-old Dan Snyder.

Watching the semi-final soccer game between Sweden and Canada, it was announced that Dan Snyder passed away from his injuries.

The thoughts and prayers of all who love hockey and of those that play the game for us, is with the Snyder family tonight. This is heartbreaking news.

Earlier in the week, news of Heatley's knee injury requiring surgery broke, and the speculation was whether or not he would miss the entire season. (He also has a broken jaw and other injuries) My immediate reaction was "Miss the SEASON? He's got 5 charges against him including a felony!". How can anyone consider or worry about whether he misses the season when he's facing what appears to be unescapable criminal charges?

And the gall of the sports writers to make the same speculation in the same story that announces Dan Snyder's death. Now his felony charge will be upgraded to something like vehicular homicide first degree, according to police.

Unless the celebrity justice turnstile is swinging faster than ever before, Dany is regrettably going to spend quite a few seasons behind bars, not on the ice.

That said, look at the situation of current Edmonton Oilers coach (and four-time Stanley Cup champion) Craig MacTavish. He spent a year in jail for vehicular homicide before being traded to Edmonton and starting his life and reputation anew. Those were different times, the media wasn't as vulturous as it is now and it was a much quieter story.

Written on October 6, 2003