Good week, Mac dreams

Aside from being very tired and having intermittent cold/flu-like symptoms for the past week, it's been going great!

Things are going well, the market is picking up (worldwide and those which affect me directly), my Python Tutorial is nearly done (and we got an extension to finish them, thanks Alan!), and we have a very nice student from Japan staying with us this week. He's got a cool DoCoMo phone with a camera, it's pathetic to look at my crappy LG phone in comparison.

The new PowerBooks are out. They're so great, but to see them benchmarked against a dual G5... sigh, it's so hard to decided what to get (hypothetically speaking of course, I can't afford either, sadly)!

If I was getting a PowerBook I'd definitely splurge for the lunchtray 17" model. The extras are totally worth it in my book. If I was going to break the bank and get anything, it might as well be top of the line, because it's going to have to do me for 4 years.

If I was getting a G5 there's no question it would be a dual 2.0GHz model. The 1.6 is a black sheep, it'll be regarded as the "Yikes!" of the G5s (referring to the rushed, flawed first G4 PowerMacs), and the 1.8 doesn't make sense, price-wise, compared to having TWO processors for FAR less than twice the price. Oh, and two 23" Cinema displays please. ;-) I spec'd one out on the Apple store last week, it's only $8300+ USD. LOL!

Written on September 18, 2003