Dubya to the rescue!

If President Bush would take 1 minute out of his day to tell the world how to fix this email virus problem, we'd have it licked in a month.

Any of his "Cyber-Security Advisors" (I assume he has people working for him with a dorky title like that) or their underlings could come up with a VERY brief and complete message that would explain the solution. Or, he could say, "America, the virus only works if we let it. Don't let it. Go to www.safeemailforamerica.gov" for instructions on how to protect your computer from viruses delivered by email."

If he said that, say, viruses were terrorism and people who transmit viruses were borderline terrorists, negligent for not keeping their computers up to date, the whole country would rise up and fix their computers. I mean, it would be the patriotic American thing to do, and to not do it would be un-American!

Oooh, and think about how much pressure that would put on Microsoft. People would not be happy about being called a terrorist by their president.

Written on August 22, 2003