Hey, I'm still here

After a good run here last week, no updates in 5 days. Heh. Last week was the busiest week I've had since February. The beginning of this week has been just as busy. I've even slipped in keeping up with the weblogs and mailing lists I like to read.

Right now a Debian user is telling me (in IRC) all about why he loves Debian and why I should choose it as my next Linux distro. He's got a convincing argument... my biggest problem with linux has always been version dependencies and trying to upgrade a machine from one version of a distro to another.

I want to try Linux out again because I want to try the cool Python IDEs like eric3 and boa constructor. They run like shit (or not at all) in Mac OS X right now unless I use X11 and even then it's not that great. If I'm going to run X11 I might as well be using Linux.

Written on August 20, 2003