Quicken 2003 Mac

A computer is only as good as its software, which is why I like Macs. Of course, my wife won't let me near our books so I haven't used Quicken in about 10 years.

Dad downloaded a QFX file from his bank but Quicken refused to load it, it showed the file as being disabled in the Open dialog box.

Why is that? Here's why:

Quicken Support: Configuring Quicken for use with Web Connect

Quicken refuses to open a file unless it has the 'WBCN' type code attached to the file. And of course, no web server is going to send that information with the file, meaning that you would have to configure your browser to explicitly set that. And only Internet Explorer has the dialog box that lets you configure those kinds of settings (but I have a feeling they're system-wide), but dad's using Safari.

I copied the "SetFile" program that comes with the developer tools (it should come standard on all macs) so I could "SetFile -t WBCN pcf.qfx".

Hopefully Quicken 2004, which is shipping tomorrow, will not have that stupid problem.

Why do classic mac bigots love TYPE codes so much? Creator codes are mildly interesting, but TYPE is totally redundant when pretty much every file has an extension on it. Avie's TechNote was right, classic mac bigots are wrong.

Written on August 14, 2003