Seth's PMC fundraising drive

My good friend Seth Dillingham is riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge, in 5 days. He needs to raise at least $2500 in support of the Jimmy Fund, for research and treatment of cancer at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, in order to participate. Seth hasn't reached that goal yet, and obviously time is running out!

Click on this link: PMC eGift page for the Jimmy Fund

Please support Seth's PMC ride today! Needless to say, it's a great cause, and it means a lot to Seth, an avid rider, to participate. Seth is sick of cancer, and we all should be.

I'm putting in $50. Unfortunately that's only 2% of his entry "fee", and he still needs about $750 to qualify.

If you run a weblog (or you don't :-)), please pass on this message there, even if you don't know Seth yourself, and please give.

Update: Seth says he's had a lot of new hits this afternoon but that hasn't translated into new donations. I've added a direct link to the secure eGift page, it only takes 30 seconds to give. You don't have to give $50 like I did, you could give $25, or $10, or probably $5, $2, I don't know if there's a minimum. Or you could give $100 or $500 or $1000. :-)

Consider the satisfaction you'll get from reading Seth's report about the PMC on his web site. I know I'll feel good that I played a small part in making that happen. Let's share in that good feeling together, okay? Thanks!

Written on July 28, 2003