Who is sparkpod?

MacCentral: New Mac-centric blogging service debuts

The story only refers to "the developers" of sparkpod. No names. Who are these WebObjects developers hosting on Xserves???

I decided to send them feedback on their feedback page. Here's what I wrote:

"AOL decided to call them Journals, because "blog" was too hard to understand. But if you're going to call them weblogs, why not call them weblogs instead of web logs? Your users are going to see soon enough that nobody else calls them that, and the software, media, publishing and conference industries refer to them as weblogs or blogs, so the term will be mainstream soon enough, if it isn't already. Frankly, calling them "web logs" either makes you sound dumb or makes me think you think I'm dumb. A weblog is a blog is a weblog. (Or a Journal, if you're on AOL ;))

Also, who are you? sparkpod's whois record lists no real names, and I didn't see any company info on your site. I'm a WebObjects developer and long time weblogger, so I was very excited to see a weblogging tool implemented using WebObjects! It'd be nice to know you are. Weblogs are personal, and 99% of weblog tool companies are personal as well, they don't hide their identities. So please, show yourself and say hi. :-) The weblog community will embrace you faster and more completely if you're transparent. Big-business mentality won't fly (unless you're AOL) And, where's sparkpod's weblog??? Not having a weblog would be a tragic faux pas. Perhaps I'm just blind and didn't find it. :-)

Welcome to the weblog world (I hate the word blogosphere, sorry), congrats on going live, and best of luck with your business!

I hope to hear from you soon,

Jim Roepcke
http://jim.roepcke.com/ "

Written on July 23, 2003