Comments gone from Echo Wiki

On the XmlRpcDiscussion page of Sam Ruby's [Echo] Wiki, there was a section at the bottom where it was suggested that the Echo API be formulated in both a REST and RPC styles.

I added a comment that reference implementations for both should be created, since there's enough people clearly on on side or another of the fence... there was enough energy to get both done. Once the reference implementations were done, both could be showed off to the public, and then developers and users could decide which they liked better. I thought this was a better way to end a discussion that can have no natural end...

I put a lot of work into the words I chose. But I guess someone must not have liked the idea of a fair-and-square competition, because the entire section with my two comments about this are gone from the page today.

This won't curb my enthusiasm for Echo, but it will make me think twice before posting comments ONLY on the Wiki. (I had tagged the comments as RefactorOk, but not DeleteOk, *I think*) From now on I'll post them here as well.

Update: It looks like that section is still there in the source text of the document, but somehow it's suppressed from displaying on the page. If my idea sounds stupid, please let me know (reply to this message in this discussion group). I'd appreciate your comments on this.

Update 2: Looks like the wiki was having a bad day. Now that section shows up again. :-)

Written on July 11, 2003