Bye Bye favourite mouse

I have two "IntelliMouse with IntelliEye 1.0" mice. The first optical mouse Microsoft made, it's also always been my favourite. Shaped like the previous IntelliMouse, I think it's the best design they've ever had. The back end of the mouse was shaped perfectly to comfortably hold the palm of my hand. The tracking was seemingly perfect.

Was. Was was was was was. Fuck.

One of the two flaked out ages ago, that's why I got the second one. That one flaked out last month. I've been trying to live with it since, but today I just couldn't take it anymore. I would have the mouse button down, to scroll or drag or whatever, and in the middle of the movement, it would react as if i had very briefly taken my finger off the mouse button and held it down again. All kind of havoc has been taking place.

I tried using the Apple Pro Mouse that came with the computer, but living without a scoll wheel or right click button is just not a viable option.

I went to Future Shop (nee, Best Buy, dear Canadian don't delude yourself into thinking they're a Canadian store, long live Future Shop) and agonized for about 40 minutes over which mouse to replace it with. Damn they don't make them like they used to. I just want this Microsoft mouse. I spent a couple hours on the phone with Microsoft bouncing back and forth to various order centres, hoping that I could source one or more of these mice. No luck, they can't even replace my flaky mice under warranty with the same model anymore. There's nothing on eBay either, and there hasn't been the last umpteen times I've looked over the last year.

In the end, I got the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse (special edition). It's just like the blue Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse, but instead it's white and chrome, apparently to match the flat screen iMac. I didn't really want a wireless mouse, I think they're too heavy, but this mouse was the closest to the ergonomic feel I was used to. Still, my hand and arm are sore after barely two hours of using this new mouse. I'm sure the added weight is what the problem is. I've read it can take a few days or weeks for the muscles to adapt to a new mouse, and since I've been using my old dearest mouse for over 3 years, my muscles are obviously quite set in their ways.

Sigh. I've never been so unhappy to buy a new mouse. Microsoft's even gone and buggered up their Natural Keyboard again. The first and third revisions were great, but the 2nd (Elite) and the latest suck horribly. I found an open-box 3rd edition Natural keyboard last year for cheap, and bought it as a backup in case i spill orange pop over my 1st 3rd edition keyboard like I did the 1st edition Natural keyboard (which I still think is the best of all of them).

My right hand hurts. :-( At least I'm left-handed!

Written on July 9, 2003