Still Whhiiiiining after all these years

Dave Winer is still whining that Google's toolbar's new weblogging button only works with Blogger, even though his own software supports the same APIs.

I find it incredible that someone with so many years of software development experience could be so blind to the obvious. (The truly annoying thing is that he's not that blind) The new Google toolbar is beta-level software. If you were the person at Blogger/Google in charge of testing and debugging the toolbar when there are problems, wouldn't you like to have as few variables as possible? And wouldn't it be handy if the toolbar was only communicating with servers which that you (the debugger) had some access to and control over?

I wish Dave would give people the benefit of the doubt he always demands from others. If Google releases the final 2.0 toolbar without support for sites, we sure as hell won't need Dave Winer to bitch on behalf of everyone... believe me, they'll hear it loud and clear from every angle. (but not me, because the Blogger API doesn't suit my needs, and I don't use IE, or Windows, and thus I can't use the Google toolbar anyway! :-))

Written on July 8, 2003