Garage Door Opener

Today we had the damage on our garage door fixed. One of Cheryl's family members who shall remain nameless decided to drive their car into our garage wall and door last month.

For insurance purposes we had to get a number of quotes from people to get it repaired under their car insurance. All of them tried selling us a garage door opener. I've wanted one forever anyway, so this was a convenient time to get it done. Today it was installed, and oh boy I'm soooo happy!

Before, when I wanted to go out and the car was in the garage, I had to open the door, drive the car out, go back into the garage, close and lock the big door, go back through the door that goes into the house, walk around the inside of the house to the front door, and then go back out that door, and lock it, before I could get back into my car and leave. When I got home, Cheryl or I would go into the house, around the main floor to the garage, into the garage, turn on the light, open the big door, and then I could drive the car into the garage and close the door behind it.

Now, I just go into the garage, push a button, drive out, push a button. I get home, I push a button, drive in, and push a button. Done. MMMMmmmmmm.... is good.

Written on July 8, 2003