Two polar articles about flying with Dubya

I had just finished reading a story on BBC about how a reporter couldn't get close to Bush during his trip in the press pool, when I went to CNN and saw a story that describes the exact opposite experience! How bizarre.

BBC News: Across the globe in Dubya's bubble -- "If you think covering a presidential visit involves sitting on Air Force One and chatting about the state of the world with George Dubya, think again."

CNN: Bash: President says he builds relations on instinct -- "After 40 minutes of expansive Q&A, his first aboard Air Force Once in his two-and-a-half years in office, the president invited reporters to the front of the plane to see his private quarters. He walked myself and five others in the "travel pool" through the plane, informally introducing us to members of his shocked-looking staff as we walked. "

Written on June 8, 2003