Starstruck at 3 AM

Justin and I were playing Star Wars Epic Duels until close to 3 AM. After he left I had to water the lawn (we're seeding, it needs lots of water). It was a scorcher yesterday, not that I got to go outside and enjoy any of it, but it was around 33C/91F during the day. It was still around 20C at 3 AM. The sky was very clear.

We live at the end of the new part of our street, the street lights end a few houses down from us. That's nice because it means there is less interference for looking at the stars. It was beautiful, I don't take enough time to gaze like I used to. I decided to wake up Cyan and let her experience the stars too. We sat down on the driveway and talked about stars and constellations, planets and rocket ships. We found the Big Dipper easily, but it's been so long since I gazed that I couldn't remember how to find the other major constellations.

It was a nice time. We were out there for about 20 minutes or so.

Written on June 7, 2003