A decade together

The most important day of my life was 10 years ago last Saturday, the day I found the courage to ask Cheryl out. Life literally turned on a dime for me. Unquestionably the best decision I have made to date. :-) I love you Cheryl!

Ten years ago, Cheryl's brother Shane was finishing Grade 2... now he's graduating, preparing for university, learning to drive, and babysitting our kids (thankfully not all at the same time).

I have great memories of being teased in the hallway by my Math teacher because I was late getting into the class after the buzzer because I was following Cheryl around everywhere. I didn't have any girlfriends through high-school (by choice), so him seeing me lovestruck was something of an amusing oddity. :-)

I have so many other great memories, but I won't bore all of you with them, but I wanted to acknowledge the occasion here in some way.

Commencing year eleven...

Written on June 2, 2003