Dr. Cat and online shopping

On Sunday we went to Vancouver to attend the celebration surrounding one of our best and longest friends graduating medical school. Congratulations Cat, we're so proud of you!

Cheryl and the kids got to stay overnight and spend the day with Cat in Vancouver today, walking around Granville Island and surrounding areas for a few hours, gorging themselves on all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, shoe shopping, etc. All while I slogged away in a 7th floor downtown office building with no air conditioning (because it's a statuatory holiday and we were the only people in the building) while a parade blared over inner voices on the street below. :-)

I'm glad Cheryl had this opportunity to spend time her friend (and Cyan's godmother), because Cat is moving to Ottawa for at least two years to do her residency. Our time with her has been precious in the last 7 years as she was all over the place. Vietnam, Africa, who knows where else (Cheryl does, sorry I can't remember all the places).

In other news, Cheryl walked into my office this evening and noticed Amazon.com's home page open in my browser. She sat at my chair, and noticed a cute little girl's outfit for sale shown on the home page... Osh Kosh has a 50% off summer sale. "OOoohh, isn't that cute!"

Amazon.com, meet Cheryl. Cheryl, meet e-commerce. Jim, be afraid, be very afraid.

"If you spend $75 you get free shipping!"


Written on May 20, 2003