Music on a planet called the USA

If I was a Windows user today, I'd be very grumpy.

Apple's Music Store and iTunes 4 are what I've been waiting for for a few years now.

Apple should rename itself to The Experience. As in, Seamless. Everything just works. I installed iTunes 4 on both of my Macs. A while ago I had moved all of my music to the desktop because the PowerBook was out of disk space. But that's okay, as long as I'm within range of my WiFi router I can listen to my entire library! Like downstairs where the new home gym was installed. Like in the living room hooked up to our stereo (finally!), or in the back yard. Or front yard. Or on the roof. Probably at my neighbour's house. :-)

Unfortunately I don't live on Planet America, so I can't buy music yet. I can listen to free previews and be jealous (though not as jealous as a Windows user ;-)) but no buy, no mix, no burn, no share with my PowerBook or Cheryl's PowerBook. Wassup wi'dat? I have a US-bank credit card but the billing address is to Canada so I'm stymied. I'll see if I can change the mailing address go to an American address so I can get hooked up.

(Or, I'll just use yours, with your permission of course, and pay you back using PayPal until I can use my own. LOL! I'm sure you can't wait to send me your CC# ;-))

I figured for sure iTunes 4 would be a Cocoa app, but I don't see any .nib files in the app package wrapper, so I think it's still Carbon. Impressive results for a Carbon app! Maybe there's hope for the Finder yet!

Written on April 29, 2003