Fed up with SSH passwords

Today I finally hit the threshhold where I became sick of entering my password every time I ran a CVS command (we connect via SSH).

I solved the problem by installing SSH Agent, a nice Cocoa GUI wrapping the SSH tools. The readme arrogantly (IMHO) says:

"Those `in the know' can now add their identities to the agent, and get back to work :-)"

I take that to say, "If you're too stupid to know how to do this then I'm not going to tell you how". Either that or, "I'm too lazy to write a few more paragraphs of text to explain this" or, giving the benefit of the doubt, "Hey I've done enough for you already, go to Google and figure it out on your own".

So off to Google I went. :-)

Thankfully, Kirk Samuelson filled in the gaps for me with this wonderful two-part tutorial.

Getting started with SSH, Part One

Getting started with SSH, Part Two


Written on April 24, 2003