Yes, ZWiki list integration working

Woohoo! I got the ZWiki mailing list integration working a few minutes ago. There were two problems to address to get it working.

I tested that curl command outside of the context of mail delivery, and it failed because the request wasn't authenticated, and anonymous users aren't authorized to leave comments on the wiki. So I added a -u argument to the curl command, and the message made it through! Unfortunately, it still wasn't working via the shell script I had created and symlinked into /etc/smsrsh. Turns out there was just a small typo... the trailing quotation mark from the alias line was still at the end of the curl command in the shell script. Got rid of that, and now it works perfectly.

The mailin code is smart too, it italicizes quoted text. Looks really good. I turned off the mailman footer so they wouldn't end up on the wiki pages, and now things look pretty clean.

Now I have to finish documenting how I did this before I forget any of the steps. :)

Written on April 13, 2003