Liberate Music! Kill the RIAAgime!

There are numerous reports about Apple wanting to buy Universal Music, and Intel wanting to buy Warner/Chappell Music.

I'm pretty surprised that people are immediately thinking that Apple and Intel are wanting a piece of the content treasure chest so that they aren't locked out of it, assuming that they would uphold the music industry's point of view on copy protection and P2P music sharing.

I think that Apple and Intel are trying to buy these companies so they can liberate the music. I think they will open up their music catalogs (artist willing) to internet sharing. I think they know that when they do that that sales will rise again, as they were during the Napster days.

Free Music! Liberate the artists! Destroy the Weapons of Sales Destruction of the RIAAgime! And of course, let's support our high-tech CEOs and lawyers during this important time in our nation's history. Wear six-coloured ribbons!

Do it for the children of Music. They've been opressed and tortured for far too long.

Written on April 11, 2003