You're darn right I'm happy about it

BaristaLog: NHL's second season

"Yesterday, the NHL's second season started. A couple of upsets with Edmonton and the Islanders winning Game 1 against the top-seeded clubs. I'm sure Jim is very happy about the Oilers."

That was a verrrry close game, as they all are between Edmonton and Dallas. So happy they're ahead in the series, the first time since 1997, when Edmonton beat Dallas in 7 (thank you Todd Marchant!). 20 of the 28 games Edmonton and Dallas have played in the playoffs have had a margin of victory of 1 goal.

Edmonton vs. Dallas in the playoffs has become a sick tradition. 6 of the last 7 years they have met in the playoffs, usually in the 1st round. The one year they didn't meet was the year both teams missed the playoffs! (Edmonton finished 9th in the Western Conference, Dallas 10th) Most years, hockey analysts look back at the Edmonton/Dallas series and say it was the best series of the entire playoffs, more exciting and intense than even the Stanley Cup Finals. And it's true.

I think the players are sick of this series, if only because it's so unbelievably draining. But as sadistic as it is, I like watching it, because I hate the Dallas Stars with a passion (and did long before this streak began) and I know the hockey is always good. When the 60 minutes (or more) are up, you know the tanks are empty.

Written on April 10, 2003