Albertan separatists are idiots

Alta. should secede and buy nuclear subs: separatists

'Nuclear submarines armed with long-range missiles could help Alberta gain international clout if the province were to secede from Canada, says the leader of a fledgling separatist group.
"One of the things that was suggested would be a couple of nuclear submarines moving around the world," Bruce Hutton told a news conference Tuesday. "That makes us a formidable power. With the amount of money we've sent to Ottawa in the last six years, we could have nuclear submarines."'

A couple of nuclear submarines would Alberta a formidable force?

Yes, that makes a lot of sense... a land-locked state with nomadic nuclear submarines that it would have no place to dock or resupply without some kind of foreign cooperation, and no means to defend the state whatsoever.

I think it's safe to say Alberta won't be seceeding any time soon. (Note: I've never met an Albertan separatist, despite living there for more than half of my life)

Written on March 26, 2003