Update, 1:45 PM: I'm up to Step 6 now. Thanks to everyone who replied and chatted with me in AIM to let me know that things were proceeding normally. :)

My PowerMac G4 has had two kernel panics in the last two weeks. This time, after I rebooted, iChat didn't load properly (it did the 2nd time), and either did Stickies.

So I'm now rebooted into my DiskWarrior CD, and I clicked Graph. After a long while I got an error message, it couldn't graph my disk because an unexpected error occurred. (2403, -50). I couldn't find anything about this error message on the web. The documentation said if I get this i should reboot. So I did.

This time I clicked Rebuild instead of Graph. It's been on Step 5 of 11, Locating directory data, for well over an hour. Is this the step that's supposed to take so long? It's been a long time since I ran DiskWarrior so I have no idea.

Written on March 13, 2003