What a morning

Two minutes after I woke up this morning someone was at the door wanting to look at the canopy that my Dad is selling, which is sitting in my garage. We measured it, found it would fit, then he wanted to see it on his truck. He liked it, decided to buy it, but didn't have the cash. The canopy was already on his truck, so I had to drive to the bank with him to get the cash.

I finally get home and start working, when, my mother-in-law, who is watching the kids today while Cheryl works at the office, backs out of our driveway in our car, and drives right over our two blue boxes full of recycling materials. Rather than stopping when she heard the crunch, she kept going and got one completely lodged under the car. I couldn't get it loose with a hockey stick, so I had to jack up the car (it's pouring rain by this time of course), and break the box into many pieces by hacking it with my hockey stick.

Of course now I'm completely soaked and cold. Went inside, had a shower, and now I was ready to go... at 11:30.


Written on March 12, 2003