Linksys RMA 0, Jim 0

Well, I'm still sick, and I can't sleep at all, so I decided to install the replacement router Linksys sent me.

I wanted it to get the same IP address from my ISP's DHCP server as my current one, so the first thing I did when I got into the new router's admin web site (which responded very slowly and a little flakily) was change the WAN MAC address to match the old router's. This is a built in feature so that you can make your ISP think your router is your PC or an old router.

I did that, and then went to change some other settings that I needed, like forwarding port 80 and changing the WiFi network name.

The thing caved. No amount of resets would help. Eventually, the diag light just would not go off. This new box is toast.

So now I get to call Linksys again. Fun fun fun fun fun.

Written on February 26, 2003